Larry Ellison – The oracle of Oracle - Larry Ellison the oracle of Oracle

Larry Ellison didn’t always play by the rules. He also didn’t always walk the straight path. Doing things differently, trying options that others wouldn’t think about is what has characterized his leadership and made Oracle great.

Lesson for execs … don’t annoy your digital marketers - Taylor Stockwell enterprise digital marketer
In large, stable enterprises, many of the execs made their way to the top after working years in more traditional corporate roles. You may not have solid digital marketers in senior leadership positions (a HUGE [mis]adventure). So, it’s easy for enterprises to make mistakes. Here are 10 things you should never, ever say or do.

My [mis] adventures as a digital marketer - Taylor Stockwell digital marketer

I’m an enterprise digital marketer. I’ve done some things right over the years, and made lots of mistakes along the way. This site is all about what it takes to be effective at digital marketing, especially for large enterprises. So let’s get started!