Why Digital Marketers Should Read About the IBM and Twitter Partnership

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OK, I’m not really a big insider to this announcement. I’m just a little insider. However, not only am I part of a small digital SWAT team driving digital capabilities within IBM’s Big Data and Analytics products, my team also supported today’s announcement with Twitter. With that said, these opinions are my own and are not the official position of either IBM or Twitter.

photoToday’s announcement between IBM and Twitter does not portend a trivial partnership. To the contrary, this announcement is significant and beneficial for both companies. For IBM, not only does a partnership with Twitter provide a rich, untapped source of data, but, there’s also some serious digital technology cred that comes with the announcement. Today’s announcement follows their partnership with Apple, another significant partnership win for IBM.

For Twitter, this partnership further legitimizes their business model and opens new business opportunities as they discover how to leverage their most valuable resource – data. IBM’s Big Data and Analytics portfolio of products unleashes the latent value of this data in ways that Twitter is unable to do on their own. The partnership also enables Twitter to extend their reach to IBM’s huge roster of enterprise customers.

To understand how this partnership might work, let’s take a look at one of IBM’s newest gems – Watson Analytics. Watson Analytics enables users to access powerful business and predictive analytics, without needing to know anything about models, scoring, or any of the other complexities that enable predictive capabilities. Once Watson Analytics loads and processes, you simply query using natural language and WHAM! … you get instant insights displayed as beautiful, intuitive, interactive visualizations.

Digital marketing today is fueled by data. We use web analytics, social listening and metrics, profiling data and, heck, whatever data we can get our hands on to give us an edge. Think about going into Watson Analytics, having access to this fabulous data source, and querying it using language that you understand. What questions would you want to ask? What predictions could Watson Analytics make with this data? How would this data improve your decisions around customer support, product development, business risk, or even how your organization operates? How would you use the combination of these two amazing resources? Will social media ever be viewed as a trivial tactic after this announcement?

I, for one, cannot wait to get my hands on both the tools and the data that this partnership enables.

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