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This past week at Sirius Decisions Summit 2016 was a blast. Aside from meeting new colleagues and old, I had the privilege of speaking in four sessions on customer experience and the role of content marketing. That was, truthfully, a bit overwhelming and intimidating. Kudos to the Kapost team for keeping me focused, calm and confident!


For those of you interested, I’ve recorded my presentation for all to see. It’s interesting content and I talk about building an exceptional customer experience in the face of complexity, disruption and changing buyer behaviors.

I’ll tell you a little story about my first session, and what became an awkward moment for me. Throughout the presentation, I did my best to be personable and fun. There was one particular point I was trying to make, though, that wasn’t exactly going for laughs. I talk about changing buyer behavior and explain that we have a scary statistic to confront. When I posted the “scary” statistic, I received a completely unexpected eruption of laughter. I was so surprised and caught off guard, I had a little awkward moment on stage. I apologize to my audience for being such a goof! You’ll have to watch the video to discover the “scary” statistic that seems more funny now than scary.


All in all, it was a great experience. And, we got to see the Barenaked Ladies perform up close and personal to boot! Thanks, Sirius Decisions, Kapost and IBM for a great conference.

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